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Inspired by the modernist photographers and photojournalists of the 20th century, and the timeless quality of film, Monochrome Venice is an ongoing personal project by British photographer, Andy Parker.    Having lived in the city for a number of years,  the photographer attempts to capture daily life in a unique,  contemporary city seeped in history and immersed in nature, which today is pitted against the challenges of the rising tides of tourism, climate change and social-cultural change of the 21st century.

Stripped of colour and using analogue and digital media, these images attempt to capture elements which reflect the the 'feel' and atmosphere of components of Venice and its lagoon, and to present a contrast to the stereotypical picture postcard representation of the city. 

Many images are available to purchase, and collaborations are welcome, so please contact for more details.  Thanks for looking.  AP.

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